2014- Melexis | BEST Engineering Week


For over a decade, our customers in the automotive electronics market have inspired us to create, manufacture and deliver advanced Mixed Signal semiconductors, sensor ICs, and programmable sensor IC systems. Through the stringent quality expectations, hostile operating conditions and aggressive economic targets demanded by our automotive customers, Melexis has developed the capability to produce world class, value driven, innovative products. Industry leading innovation in programmable sensors, sensor interface devices and microcontrollers provide our customers with competitive advantage in system cost, capability and flexibility.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Belgium. R&D centers are in Belgium, France, Germany, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Probe and test facilities are located in Belgium, Germany and Bulgaria. Melexis also maintains a worldwide applications support network.
Development For Your Future Success
Melexis develops semiconductors and sensors for a wide range of automotive applications used by most car brands in the world. Some of our products are: Hall Effect sensors that can measure angle position and rotation speed for applications like steering wheel, pedal position; Hall switches and latches that are used for detecting if the car seat belt is put on; Far Infra-red sensors for temperature measurement in a wide range of automotive, medical and consumer applications; Integrated Pressure sensors and tire pressure measuring system; Intelligent electric motor drivers; Wireless transmitter and receivers for key less entry system; Automotive Cameras for night vision. Our ongoing commitment to R&D in new product areas keeps Melexis customers ahead of the competition.