BEW | BEST Engineering Week


History of BEST Engineering Week



BEW 2016


For the sixth year between 25.03 – 15.03, BEST Engineering Week was held successfully. The career event was organized by the student organisation BEST Sofia, located at the Technical University of Sofia.

Within a week over 150 engineering students had the chance to work on cases designed by companies such as Vivacom, Melexis, SAP, Liebherr, LEM, Ontotext, UniCredit Bulbank, Interoute and Visteon. The event ended with a cocktail party at which the most successful participants were awarded, and some of them were also invited to an interview for either an internship or a permanent position in the companies, taking part in the event.

Some of the young people worked on websites, others developed applications, and third had to show their knowledge in electronics.

The students proved that through teamwork and creativity every task becomes possible!

BEW 2015


BEST Engineering Week 2015 is a competition organized by the student organization BEST Sofia in a partnership with a wide range of companies in telecommunications, computer science, electronics, energetics, food industry and others. The event is a series of competitions in which participating students show both knowledge and creativity. Each student can participate in one of the cases given by the companies.

This year BEW started on 23.05.2015 and about 150 students and 12 of the leading companies in Bulgaria took part: The general sponsor of BEST Sofia -Aurubis, SAP, Scania, StangaOne, Interoute, Liebherr, Visteon, Melexis, Vivacom, UniCredit Bulbank, Bulgartabac and HP. Other companies that participated were Optix, Naxex, Knowledge and Innovation Centre. The opening was held on 23.03.2015 at the Technical University – Sofia. Each of the companies had a prepared case for the competition, and they also gave a presentation for the students. After the presentations of the companies, the students who participated in the BEST Engineering Week 2015 were announced and allocated to a matching case for their capabilities. During the “Engineering” week competitions of all companies were held.

Some participants received a proposal for a training by the companies, others received a job offer, while others were given the opportunity to visit and see the production lines and processes in the factories and facilities of the companies.


BEW 2014


The fourth edition of the engineering week was held between 10.03.14 and 20.03.14. More than 15 companies operating in the fields of telecommunications, computer science, electronics, energetics, food industry and more, were our partners in this event. 12 of them took part in the competitions by giving real cases for the students to work on. Those cases included solving practical problems in the areas of engineering and finance. On 20th March all companies participated in a career cocktail where the students and the company representatives could communicate with each other more informally. More than 160 students from the Technical University of Sofia, the Sofia University, the University of Forestry took part in the competitions. Around 15% of them were offered an interview, internship, work or training.




BEW 2013


BEST Engineering Week 2013 was held for the third time in the Technical University of Sofia between 4th-13th March 2013. More than 200 students, 12 leading companies and 5 non-governmental organisations participated in it.

The event was a great success. Eleven cases were provided by our partners. The winners of the competitions were chosen to participate in the local round of the EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition), which was held on 13th March at the Technical University as well. The winners of this round had the chance to attend the regional round-EBEC Balkan, which was also held in Sofia.



BEW 2012


After the first edition’s success, BEST Engineering Week 2012 aimed to strengthen our position and to attract the interest of even more students and partners.

BEW 2011


The BEST Engineering Week event was held for the first time at the end of February 2011. Eighteen companies, from different industries, took part in it. More than 120 students participated in the competitions, where they had the chance to show their theoretical knowledge and practical capabilities. More than 20 of them were offered internships. The last day of BEW, the career cocktail, was attended by more than 750 students looking for career development in the companies, partners of the event.




As part of the event, the participants in the case of Aurubis visited Bulgarian Copper plant of the German company. It is located between Pirdop and Zlatitsa. In that way they could combine the useful with the pleasant part of working on the case.