BEW | BEST Engineering Week


Best Engineering Week (BEW) 2017


What is BEST Engineering Week (BEW)

BEW is a weeklong competition, organized by student organization BEST Sofia. It is a series of competitions, where students show their knowledge and creativity. Different companies in the fields of telecommunications, computer science, electronics, energetics, food industry and more are partners of BEST Sofia in this event.


Regulations BEW

12 participants, distributed among different teams, could take part in each of the competitions. Every team is competing during one working day. The competitions are divided into 2 categories:


Team Design: This category consists of solving a technical problem within several working hours. The end result is a device which has to be able to perform the actions needed in order to solve this problem. The winners are being chosen according to specific criteria, depending on the task. At the end of the working day the device’s capabilities and features are being presented.

All of the needed materials, tools and explanations are being provided by the organizers, who are responsible for them.



Case Study: This category (also known as CS) consists of analyzing and solving real cases, which do not include building or assembling materials, but takes into account the information given in order to develop hypothetical solutions. Each team has to work on their own solution within several hours and present it in the end.

Participants may apply for both categories.